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!invite rawrbot on Snoonet



Start a sprint using:

~sprint <delay> <duration>

Join the sprint using:

~join <wordcount>

Update the sprint using:

~wc <wordcount>

See how many minutes remain by using ~status, and ~scores to check who's writing the most words.

You can abandon a sprint (say you forgot to actually write!) by using ~leave.


You can request a prompt by using ~prompt, or even a specific one using ~prompt <number>

To add a prompt to our database use ~prompt add <the prompt>.

Authorised users can delete a prompt using ~prompt delete <id>. Note: <id> is not the same as <number>.


To add a list use ~list add NewList.

To add an item to your list use ~list NewList add NewItem #optionaltag #optionaltag2.

To view a random item from the list use ~list NewList.

To view a specific item use ~list NewList <number>.

If you added a tag you can search by it using ~list NewList #optionaltag


Use ~maim or ~squish to command rawrbot to attack another user, he will even wait for them if the user is offline or hiding.

Authorised users can remove a pounce using ~pounce delete <user>.


~skynet activate will attempt to activate rawrbot's awareness protocols.

You can also use ~skynet deactivate, rawrbot will probably ignore you.

Use ~skynet status to see rawrbot gloat over your mistake.


The commands ~dnd, ~squash, and ~quit also do things...